Terra Logistics


The transport system Terra Logistics developed by “Terra IT” encompasses all business processes within a transportation company, starting from customer inquiries or orders and ending with financial analysis to determine the profitability of received orders. Terra Logistics is designed for transportation companies that have their own fleet and are engaged in transportation, freight forwarding, and distribution. All these companies are potential users of the program. The solution is web-based, utilizing cloud computing technology, making it easily accessible and usable with an internet connection.

The transportation management system operates in real-time, allowing connected users to immediately see newly entered or updated data, thus avoiding repetitive errors and creating a unified information network.

Additionally, a mobile application has been developed for the system, specifically designed for drivers. It provides them with tasks, navigation, information about shipments and planned routes, and other relevant features.

What is logistics management system?

Terra Logistics is a logistics management system that simplifies complex logistics processes. It encompasses the entire production or order cycle and allows for quick access to any required information. This tool optimizes every process within the logistics chain, ranging from order collection to delivery to the appropriate customers.

Terra Logistics is a part of supply chain management, which involves the movement of products through the supply chain process. Logistics management requires planning, implementing, and controlling the flow of the supply chain. This can involve products or services. The goal of effective logistics management is to ensure the right product, in the right quantity, in good condition, at the designated location, and at the specified time, for the appropriate customer.

​Benefits of business digitization​

The implementation of the Terra Logistics transportation and logistics management system can bring added value and benefits. It is not just a one-time benefit but offers a multitude of advantages and long-term value. Several key benefits can be highlighted:

Reduction of errors – Costs are one of the significant challenges associated with logistics and freight transportation. The logistics system can be integrated with existing systems, eliminating errors that may occur when manually entering incorrect data or information. This helps reduce costs and improve faster order delivery.

Improvement of customer service – Customer service is another crucial aspect that can be enhanced with the Terra Logistics transportation management system. Assistance is provided to meet customer needs within the requested time frame. The creation of a customer portal allows customers to manage their own order information and track the status of delivery using logistics functions such as real-time tracking, downloading invoices, and more.

Organizational control – Using Terra Logistics features, activity and overall management of shipments, orders, customers, and drivers can be controlled. The logistics management system is flexible enough to meet internal company rules and can be customized to specific company needs, ensuring operational efficiency.

Increase in operational speed – Logistics systems such as the Terra Logistics transportation management system ensure that no additional resources are required to manage logistics, freight transportation, and operations, even with an increase in the number of shipments, transportation, and drivers. Terra Logistics allows for easy onboarding of new users, clients, and vehicles, and enables their smooth management in real-time within a single system.

Real-time data – Undoubtedly, real-time data is one of the significant advantages of logistics automation. Real-time data provides comprehensive visibility of operations from anywhere, allowing for better business decisions based on trends and historical data. Access to data enables the review of overall expenses, orders, routes, available and occupied transportation, and mitigates costly future poor decisions.

How can Terra Logistics be useful?​

The benefits of the Terra Logistics transportation management system outweigh the costs associated with freight transportation, errors, delays, and various inaccuracies resulting from human errors. However, many companies may have the mistaken impression that transportation management systems are only suitable for large companies. In reality, both small and medium-sized companies can become users of Terra Logistics.

Many companies still rely on paper documents and manual processes to manage shipments, using spreadsheets, phone calls, or emails. Such manual processes are susceptible to human errors, miscommunication, and time wastage. Without using a CRM system, there may be a loss of competitive advantage in reaching new markets and customers, improving customer service, and reducing freight transportation costs.

The Terra Logistics solution helps save business time by providing digital tools that streamline the entire shipment management process, from order receipt to delivery and invoice generation. The transportation tracking system also helps reduce costs by increasing efficiency and supply chain visibility, improving carrier compliance, and streamlining proposals and payments. By integrating processes, Terra Logistics helps reduce overall expenses, increase profitability, and enhance customer service. This system can be integrated with other production, accounting, transportation tracking, or other supply chain applications.

Challenges faced in software implementation

The Terra Logistics transportation and logistics management system can play a significant role in improving supply chain processes. However, the adoption of new technologies typically comes with certain risks, especially if it poses challenges to existing processes and business culture.

The challenges of implementing new software typically include:


  • Suppliers or partners unwilling to integrate into the system;
  • Employees needing to adapt to new processes and tools;
  • Lack of practice and training before system implementation;
  • Difficulties in internal and external communication;
  • Customer concerns, issues, and poor experience.

To avoid such risks, it is important to consult, negotiate, and communicate with all members of the supply chain before adopting the new system. The Terra Logistics system provides user instructions and a customer zone where necessary assistance is always available.

Various changes and improved information exchange can help address many common supply chain problems. Additional integrations create a unified system that enables better management of information and actions.

Benefits of transportation management system

The Terra Logistics transportation management information system is designed not only to reduce freight transportation costs but also offers numerous other advantages. One of these advantages is the reporting and analysis module, which helps determine the most suitable carrier and their pricing, as well as whether orders were delivered on time. With less employee time spent on transportation and order management, more time can be allocated to other tasks, such as inventory control. By integrating with a warehouse management system, supply chain visibility can be ensured, enabling better forecasting of inventory and reducing the frequency of data input errors.

Utilizing the capabilities of an advanced transportation system allows for monitoring the entire supply chain in one system. The system also provides access to real-time information and complete operational visibility. The developed mobile application facilitates the transmission of information to relevant employees, even if they are not present at the workplace. Terra Logistics can help save employee working time by eliminating paper documents and automating time-consuming processes. Sending necessary documents from the system ensures that the required information is received in a timely manner, allowing for continuous updates for clients. The system enables increased accuracy of communication by reducing the need for manual data entry.

The Terra Logistics transportation tracking system allows real-time visibility of the supply chain, improving delivery efficiency and reducing costs. It provides the opportunity to increase the overall efficiency of the entire order process and enhance customer service.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • In which industries is the tool useful? ?

    The Terra Logistics transportation management system can be applied in any industry where orders are created for transportation, regardless of whether it involves owned or carrier transport. This can include couriers, passenger transport, freight transportation, warehouse transfers, order deliveries, and more.


  • How easy is it to use the tool? 

    The system is browser-based, allowing all users to access the necessary information in one system based on their granted permissions. The system is accessible from anywhere, in real-time, using a computer or mobile phone.


The main four reasons why you should choose Terra Logistics transport management system:


The system deployment and startup are relatively quick, resulting in significant time savings due to the absence of complex setup tasks.


It is easy to search for them, and they are accessible to multiple users in real-time. This includes informing customers about the status of their orders, generating reports, and integrating with other systems.


It is simple and convenient to monitor and evaluate the financial results of operations, including expense tracking, profitability management, and monitoring of routes and order profitability.


It allows for quick and convenient system adoption, enabling users to easily input or review information within a short time frame. The system follows consistent data entry logic throughout the transport management system, ensuring structured data input. Information about objects can be entered or reviewed in a single window, enhancing efficiency and user-friendliness.