Terra Logistics


The Terra Logistics transport system module for depot and yard management is designed for companies that own or lease warehouses. It enables the control of incoming and outgoing transportation flows and facilitates the management of yards, vehicles, and personnel.

Through assigned user permissions, this module is accessible to users responsible for yard management and its activities.


This module is created to enhance the retrieval of information about yards and the processes taking place within them. It also serves to integrate yards and depots while managing the permissions within the warehouse premises. Terra Logistics provides the capability to manage who can access the premises, when, and under what authorization levels. The system directly captures information about arriving and departing vehicles, logging their details. Through integration with the company’s technical equipment for access control, the system can display photographs and vehicle registration numbers, thus ensuring security within the company’s premises.

  • Arrival/Departure Time Logging The module allows for the recording of arrival and departure times.
  • Authorization for Entry Permission granting for vehicle entry can be managed through the system.
  • Yard Occupancy Monitoring The module provides the capability to monitor the occupancy status of yards.
  • Real-time Information Notifications Real-time notifications are delivered with relevant information.
  • Vehicle Types Different types of vehicles can be categorized within the system.
  • Schedules and Timetables The module encompasses scheduling functionalities for efficient management.