Terra Logistics


One of the functionalities covered by the Terra Logistics transportation and logistics system is route planning. This functionality ensures accurate route planning before departure, calculation of potential fees, optimal arrangement of the route with necessary stops, and tracking of the entire journey.

Calculation and optimization of route costs

The route planning program allows you to calculate preliminary road expenses that may be incurred when choosing a desired route (for example, select a route and the system will show you toll or toll-free roads, planned stops, total time, etc.).

Integrations created in the system help obtain prices and taxes in real-time, so the calculation of route costs is done faster. Route cost calculation in the system allows the user to choose the most optimal route.

The influence of road tolls and fees on route planning

When creating a new route, there is often a challenge related to road tolls, various fees, and similar factors. To address this issue, a new module – Route Management – has been added to the Terra Logistics transportation and logistics management system.

Various road tolls and fees can significantly impact the selection of a specific route. With the addition of the Route Management module in Terra Logistics, making this decision becomes faster and clearer, as all the necessary information is available in one place.

Execution Control of the Chosen Route

The Terra Logistics transportation and logistics management system allows for full control of the selected route, monitoring its status, tracking the cargo, the distance covered and remaining, the location of the vehicle, along with necessary integrations and the vehicle’s condition. All route control is observed within a single system, through a web browser, thereby streamlining work processes and aiding employees in gathering, processing, presenting, and reviewing essential information. Additionally, statistical data enables the monitoring of previous and historical information, facilitating comparisons.

Calculation and Control of Drivers' Working and Rest Time

The route planning system allows monitoring not only the routes but also the working and rest times of the vehicle drivers, thus calculating the remaining driving time and planning rest stops. The Terra Logistics transportation and logistics management system encompasses integrations that facilitate real-time information monitoring while ensuring accurate data representation, thereby ensuring precise calculation of working and rest times. This functionality aids in controlling and setting targets, as well as monitoring their implementation.

Based on the calculated working hours, driving time, and stop times, Terra Logistics enables accurate calculation of driver’s wages or bonuses when integrated with the accounting system. Terra Logistics transfers the necessary information to any accounting system used within the company, provided it has the capability to exchange data with other systems.

Route planning functionality

We have the capability to implement maps created by “PTV group,” integrating and customizing them for our systems. This system allows us to enhance the existing functionality of the Terra Logistics transportation management system with new capabilities and assists in using the system with a broader range of features.

This integration creates additional features:

  • Map and navigation system; 
  • Transport route planning; 
  • Route calculation and optimization; 
  • Road toll calculation; 
  • Real-time traffic tracking; 
  • Traffic planning and optimization.

“PTV Group” is backed by over 40 years of experience and continuous improvement, with their systems developed and optimized through collaboration with top experts and scientific research. This German company boasts extensive expertise in transportation management systems, and their solutions are implemented in numerous countries. The integrations created and the successful utilization of their solutions in transportation management, tracking, planning, and organization underscore their long-standing commitment to excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How does the tool justify itself in route planning?
    Route planning is one of the Terra Logistics functionalities that brings significant added value to companies. The tool ensures that the required route is planned optimally by allowing criteria such as road tolls, potential stops, parking lots, and, most importantly, the priority point (e.g., timely delivery of multiple cargos) to be considered. This helps in selecting the most efficient route, avoiding unnecessary detours.
  • How does the tool enhance service quality?
    Since Terra Logistics offers a customer zone where orders can be submitted and their status and fulfillment tracked, better communication with clients is achieved, providing them with necessary assistance. Additionally, by avoiding errors, reducing costs, and optimizing route planning, the quality of services provided to clients is improved.