Terra Logistics


The search for new clients and working with existing clients are among the most important tasks for companies engaged in transportation and logistics activities. Effective client management, which yields positive results, requires significant manpower and time investment from the company. In the Terra Logistics system, various tools have been developed to automate repetitive tasks. The saved time can be effectively utilized for building and maintaining relationships with existing clients, ensuring sustainable business development.

Within the Terra Logistics system by UAB “Terra IT,” there is the possibility to integrate existing client systems for order automation and data exchange. Client and carrier zones help reduce the company’s workload and increase operational efficiency by allowing clients to input, manage, or analyze the necessary information themselves.


  • Management and tracking of client contacts and interactions; 
  • Ability to assign the preferred currency and language to the client;
  • Assignment and tracking of documents and their expiration dates; 
  • Monitoring of client commitments and credit management; 
  • Sending reminders to clients; 
  • Management of contracts with clients.