Terra Logistics


Plan and manage the activities of the company.

Save on the operational and labor costs of the company.

Ensure mobility of tasks.

Quickly and conveniently access the required information.


Terra Logistics is a transportation control and management system designed for small, medium, and large companies providing freight forwarding and transportation services. The transportation management system encompasses all transportation-related business processes within the company, starting from customer inquiries or orders, trip planning, to financial analysis and invoice generation to determine the profitability of orders received. All business processes can be remotely managed, as the system is designed for mobility, allowing remote control of business processes. Terra Logistics not only simplifies and streamlines the management of processes in this industry but also helps to organize activities more efficiently. The transportation information system operates through a web browser, enabling real-time access wherever there is an internet connection.

The solution is compatible with all devices, including computers, tablets, and phones. Additionally, a dedicated mobile application is available for the system, specifically designed for vehicle drivers, which speeds up task assignment and provides the ability to monitor the status of order execution.


Based on our extensive experience in collaborating with logistics companies, we offer a solution that encompasses modern technologies and meets the needs of transportation providers. The transportation management system is developed with separate modules and can be easily customized to meet the specific requirements of each company. The solution is designed for all companies involved in transportation and freight management, including carriers, freight forwarders, and distributors.


The Terra Logistics transportation and expedition management system is developed using modern technologies and innovative solutions to help the company achieve maximum benefits, improve operational efficiency, and reduce labor costs. All reporting tools are designed to provide convenient management for each user, granting access to a system where real-time information exchange takes place, saving time on data transmission.


If you encounter challenges in your business such as a high flow of information, delayed order fulfillment, complex document management, task duplication, errors, excessive or insufficient vehicle loading, and inadequate employee scheduling, then you need the Terra Logistics solution. This transportation management system will not only meet your business needs but also streamline process administration and provide other noticeable benefits by reducing the potential for errors and optimizing workload distribution.

Tracking employee and transportation time helps facilitate time planning, thus avoiding errors and improper allocation of resources. Proper time management and efficient workflow are crucial for every company to maximize productivity and save time. By using the Terra Logistics transportation management system, information processing becomes faster, necessary documents are organized, and orders are fulfilled promptly. Real-time visibility of information in one centralized platform improves communication quality among employees.


In the daily operations of a logistics company, various challenges arise, and their solutions, utilizing modern technologies, enable achieving maximum results. The Terra Logistics transportation management system will help achieve those results. Mobile applications facilitate communication between vehicle drivers and system users. The system is suitable for companies engaged in various activities, catering to the needs of carriers, freight forwarders, airlines, shipping companies, and both freight and passenger transport providers.

The primary goal of logistics is to manage a smooth supply chain that ensures efficient transportation, optimal delivery times, process reliability, flexibility, and quality.

The transportation management system organizes all logistics data in one place. When route information, transportation costs, and other data points are entered into a single logistics system, numerous data reports are generated, allowing for process monitoring that impacts the company. One of the best features of the Terra Logistics transportation management system is the analysis of various logistics route economies. The system can calculate the most efficient way to transport goods from loading to delivery, taking into account speed, fuel costs, and driver working hours. Integration with accounting systems improves invoice generation and payments, enabling better budget management and cash flow forecasting within the company.

The cost-effectiveness and benefits of the Terra Logistics solution can be measured through increased operational efficiency, improved workforce planning and management, cost reduction, and better time planning. More accurate resource utilization and time planning enhance the quality of work by efficiently allocating tasks to employees and transportation. Additionally, the system provides the ability to manage business processes remotely, utilizing mobile devices.

The choice or selection of pricing depends on your needs and requirements.

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