Terra Logistics


Logistics companies dealing with large product flows and final distribution to end customers face the challenge of managing warehouses and handling a constant stream of rapidly changing information. Warehouse management (3PL) using Terra Logistics allows managing product flows, optimizing their distribution in warehouses, recording additional operations, and efficiently utilizing warehouse capacity. Both logistics companies and their clients have the ability to manage warehouse inventory in real-time.

Terra Logistics, as a transport management system, is designed for companies seeking a comprehensive solution that goes beyond a single function. It covers a wide range of functionalities to help manage all processes within the company, monitor employee activities, track vehicles, warehouses, monitor incoming and outgoing cargo flows, allocate them properly, and most importantly, share real-time information. This enables employees, along with warehouse staff, to exchange information and necessary documents promptly. Distributing cargo through different routes and making informed decisions improves company operations and helps avoid mistakes.

3PL - what is it?

3PL (Third-Party Logistics) is a term used for logistics services that involve utilizing services provided by other companies, combining warehouse, inbound and outbound freight, and transportation services. 3PL logistics services are used to manage warehouses and their cargo. The Terra Logistics transport management system allows integrating all these actions, placing orders directly to transportation service providers from the system, booking services, and planning arrivals and departures from required warehouses. The system makes it easier to address third-party logistics management solutions, define necessary processes, and track and monitor submitted orders.

What we offer

Terra Logistics is a system designed for companies that not only use carrier services but also have their own transportation and warehouses. Therefore, it provides the opportunity to integrate with third-party systems for warehouse management, transportation tracking, and status updates. This saves a lot of time in data exchange and eliminates the need for paper document transfers, as the system exchanges data in real-time. All the information is immediately visible in one place. The system is designed to monitor the status of cargos in the warehouse, their changes, arrivals, transshipments, or departures. Its wide range of functions allows managing cargos, their information, and tracking their routes. Additional integrations ensure that all necessary information is visible in real-time in one system.

3PL logistics – third-party logistics – is designed for the reception, storage, distribution, delivery, and management of goods in warehouses, not only in their own warehouses but also in warehouses provided by other service providers. This module also includes documentation management, such as invoice issuance, movement of goods between warehouses, and their information management. The module for freight transportation and management in the transportation management system helps process information sent and received from third-party warehouses, cargo distributions, and required points. The 3PL module is suitable for companies of all sizes, both small and large, regardless of their business area.

Benefits of a warehouse management system

The Terra Logistics warehouse management system helps manage information in real-time, as well as facilitates personnel management and monitoring of their tasks, making it easier to control movement and replenishment. This aids in regulating inventory and creating more space in the warehouse. The benefits of the warehouse management system can be outlined as follows:

  • Better real-time inventory management, ensuring accurate stock levels.
  • Cargo tracking and timely order fulfillment.
  • Improved transportation utilization.
  • Warehouse space and load monitoring.
  • Reduced expenses.

The warehouse management functions are designed for the management of large-scale warehouses with substantial quantities of goods, transportation, and employees. The system assists the warehouse team in processing high volumes of orders efficiently and accurately.

Each warehouse contains various assets that need to be described and visible in the system. Therefore, the system provides the capability to categorize all shipments, making them easier to find. When an order is processed, warehouse employees precisely know where to locate items. Additionally, there is an option to encode and assign barcodes to items. By using a barcode scanning system for inventory, the likelihood of missing items decreases. Employees can simply scan the barcodes with a reader, and the information will be visible in the Terra Logistics system, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

How it helps

Terra Logistics’ warehouse management system enables a company to improve its competitive advantage by reducing labor costs, enhancing customer service, improving inventory accuracy, and increasing flexibility and responsiveness. The warehouse management program allows real-time inventory management, providing data such as the latest orders, shipments, and invoices. The inventory tracking system can help reduce unnecessary inventory and employee movements and even automate certain manual processes, leading to improved workflow and more efficient order tracking and processing.

By using devices that read RFID tags within the warehouse, the system can track everything in real-time, increasing efficiency. The system can also monitor historical information, helping optimize customer service. Customers can access information about their orders through a dedicated customer portal.

In summary, Terra Logistics’ warehouse management system provides numerous benefits, including cost savings, improved customer service, enhanced inventory management, and increased efficiency, all of which contribute to gaining a competitive edge in the market.


  • Automatic cargo status updates in the warehouse
  • Warehouse document management
  • Cargo categorization
  • Allocation of required addresses
  • Transportation flow management
  • Company warehouse and address labeling
  • Carrier information input
  • Cargo transportation service ordering

Dažniausiai užduodami klausimai (DUK)

  • How the tool is applied in logistics and warehouse management?

    The tool is designed to be used in logistics and warehouse management to streamline various processes and improve overall efficiency. Its system functionality allows for the management of cargo transportation, monitoring the status of goods within warehouses, and the integration of code scanners into the same system. This ensures efficient 3PL (third-party logistics) warehouse management by consolidating everything in one system.

  • Operations that can be managed/optimized using the tool?

    Terra Logistics enables the centralized management of all company operations. It covers everything from order submission to cargo delivery, including handling transportation and route planning. Additionally, it provides the capability to integrate other systems used within the company with Terra Logistics, ensuring seamless information sharing and accessibility.