Terra Logistics


One of the modules within Terra Logistics is dedicated to document management, ensuring real-time accessibility within the same system, granting each user access to the documents they require. Document management ensures accurate issuance, storage, and transmission of documents through the system, reducing manual work.

The Terra Logistics document management module is designed to oversee documents within transportation, logistics, and expedition companies, related to cargoes, orders, transport, and other documentation.

The developed functionality allows for documents to be sent to drivers through a mobile application, directly to clients from the system, or for clients to download from their designated area. Documents can take various forms, commonly including waybills, manifests, insurance, technical inspection certificates, and more, depending on company needs.

In the transportation management system, documents can be linked to various scenarios, such as contracts, orders, trip documents. All uploaded documents are visible to users assigned specific tasks. Users have the option to print or download documents directly from the system or send them via email.

Each document has its validity period, allowing for monitoring upon login or receiving notifications via email or SMS about document expiry based on chosen settings.

Terra Logistics document management is an integral part of the system, ensuring proper information storage.


  • Automatically generated contracts;
  • Formation of cargo documents from the system;
  • Adding additional documents to orders;
  • Waybills.