Terra Logistics


Expeditors commonly aim to offer their clients the best possible delivery service. When managing the supply chain, we propose added value by utilizing not only logistics expertise to ensure timely and budget-friendly shipments but also by employing the best business management solutions, such as the Terra Logistics dispatching program. Organizing and managing the activities of the customer’s supply chain as efficiently as possible ensures gaining a competitive advantage.

No shipment is the same, and each requires careful planning, management, and execution. Through the use of a reliable and intelligent dispatch management system, overall efficiency for clients can be enhanced, resulting in greater profit margins.

Who needs this module and how does it work?

Freight forwarders mediate transportation and customs formalities between the shipper and transportation services, maintaining connections with various carriers to negotiate prices and decide on the most economical, reliable, and quickest route. The job of a freight forwarder encompasses all services, including tracking of domestic transport, preparation of transportation and export documents, warehousing, cargo space reservations, coordination of freight transport charges, cargo consolidation, cargo insurance, and handling insurance claims.

The cargo forwarding module allows for the management of air, sea, and land freight, warehouses, transportation, customs, and seamlessly covers the entire functionality of the forwarding program with CRM, billing, and financial accounting in a browser from anywhere and on any device.

The system retains contractual cargo transport tariffs for the forwarding company and can automatically adjust the best transportation rate based on the conditions necessary for satisfactory performance. The planning module of forwarding offers users recommended routes based on specified criteria. The user can then evaluate the options and make informed choices. These informed choices are fed into the transportation service provider analysis module, which selects the best option with minimal costs. Upon making a selection, the Terra Logistics software generates electronic cargo tracking data and cargo documents for the chosen carrier.

Program for an expedition company ​

Carriers and freight forwarders want to have an easy, up-to-date, and comprehensive insight into all logistics activities. The Terra Logistics cargo forwarding program is developed in a modular manner, meaning that the entire operation is controlled within a single system.

Users can access all necessary information in real-time within one system, providing them with a clear overview of operations and all required reports. From customer inquiries to issuing invoices, all cargo forwarding activities are recorded and presented within the dispatch management software. The Terra Logistics transportation and dispatch management system gives forwarders and logistics service providers complete control over their own or commissioned operations.

The Terra Logistics forwarding module ensures smooth logistics process operations and offers a comprehensive overview of functionality and reports anytime, anywhere. Like the entire system, this module is browser-based, allowing access to transportation and dispatch management software at any time and on any device.

The advantage of cloud-based dispatch management software is that both suppliers and customers can easily connect to the system. This enables all parties in the supply chain to quickly provide information about prices and shipment data.


The Terra Logistics transportation and dispatch management system automates many essential tasks. By reducing manual labor costs associated with these tasks, the outcome improves rapidly. Moreover, the workforce previously engaged in these tasks can now be directed towards customer service, operational activities, and business development, fostering business growth and generating additional efficiency.

The dispatch program provides the ability to track schedules, inventory, and other processes, which can enhance productivity for a business. This can improve the supply chain and reduce inefficiencies. The Terra Logistics transportation management system ensures greater supply chain efficiency and offers complete visibility during shipments, enabling the company and customers to stay fully informed throughout the journey of the shipment.

Freight forwarding functionality:

  • One system. A unified system encompassing all supply chain activities.
  • Simplified cost calculation. Automatic calculation of expenses and revenues for all activities’ invoices.
  • Complete solution. Successfully managing and maintaining the supply chain using system modules.
  • Integration options. Various interfaces and EDI connections are possible.
  • Partial shipment handling. Managing imports into warehouses and exporting partial shipments from warehouses to multiple locations.
  • Branch options. A wide range of branch choices to optimally integrate all business divisions/units within the company.
  • Easy outsourcing. Delegating tasks to internal or external branches or clients.
  • Document management. Handling all necessary documents within one system.