Terra Logistics


Terra Logistics provides the ability to compare and analyze plans against actuals, showing which clients, routes, and cargoes are profitable. Order management in the Terra Logistics system is marked by flexibility: it allows working with both full and partial loads. Orders can be directly entered into the system or received from client-used systems or Terra Logistics customer portals. Orders can also be automatically generated between company divisions or departments.

Modern order management and increasing digitization within a company provide a significant advantage as orders can be accepted from a customer portal where they can be submitted. Entered orders are immediately visible in the system and can be processed. Trips can be planned based on orders, including optimal cargo quantities on the same transport.

Automated order status changes and filters are assigned for order analysis. Users are provided the ability to quickly find new, ongoing, completed, or other important orders. Status changes are also applied to trips. Functionality for creating new orders is designed, allowing an existing order to be used as a template for a new one. This not only streamlines the user’s workflow but also accelerates order acceptance and processing.

For trip management, the system allows printing necessary travel and transport documents, monitoring vehicle occupancy, and viewing work schedules based on planned trips in the calendar.


  • Template Usage for Orders;
  • Search for Available Transport Vehicles;
  • Management and Analysis of Incurred Expenses;
  • Automated Change of Order Status.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How does the tool facilitate communication with drivers?
    A mobile application is provided for drivers, allowing them to monitor assigned tasks, receive real-time notifications about changes, mark events, track ongoing routes, and upcoming tasks.
  • How does the tool enhance order and trip management?
    Customers can submit and monitor orders through their dedicated portal, reducing the time for order placement. This portal also enables the tracking of ongoing trips based on the placed orders. In the main system, trip management is organized by vehicle, order, and cargo.