Terra Logistics

Terra Logistics is a transportation system developed using modern information technology and innovative solutions to help companies maximize benefits, increase operational efficiency, and reduce labor costs. The system’s provided capabilities assist in overcoming challenges in business operations.

The functionality of the transportation and expedition management system is designed to be adaptable to various industries, whether they have their own fleet or rely on carrier services, involve dispatchers, or perform both functions. Regardless of the business sector, the system is suitable for different modes of transportation, service offerings, and both private and public sectors. The functionality allows for ease of use, extensive monitoring of operations, and seamless communication.

The system’s functionality extends beyond the administrator zone and includes a mobile application for drivers, as well as a customer and partner/supplier zone. These features facilitate order placement, real-time information sharing, management of invoices and documents, and expedited order processing.


  • The classifiers used in the system help to avoid errors when processing information and assist in finding and sorting desired data.
  • The templates used in the system help save time and make work more efficient.
  • The security of the system is ensured through event log management, providing accessible information to users based on their roles and responsibilities within the company.
  • The user interface is intuitive and easily understandable as the information input follows the same principles.
  • There is the capability to assign user rights and enable them to view only the information assigned to their respective roles.