Terra Logistics


Terra Logistics ensures invoice management and tracking, allowing for complete control over the company’s financial state. UAB “Terra IT” does not create accounting software, but integrates the Terra Logistics solution with the existing accounting system used by the company. This provides responsible employees with the real-time visibility of the financial situation, enabling them to make appropriate decisions. Invoice management encompasses financial documents, mutual obligations, expenses, and reminders.

Furthermore, the system enables the issuance of purchase, sales, advance, or credit invoices, sending them directly from the system to clients or suppliers/partners. When creating invoices or new orders, information about the client’s available credit and any overdue payments is provided. In cases of payment delays, a feature has been developed to send reminders from the system via email or SMS.

With the integration of Terra Logistics transportation management system and the accounting software, the process of invoice generation and transfer occurs seamlessly between the systems, reducing the need for manual data entry and issuance.

Invoices within the system can be downloaded in various formats and printed directly from the system.


  • Invoice management is conducted through integration with the accounting software program.
  • Currency conversion is performed using the official exchange rate of the respective day from the accounting system. 
  • Ability to monitor document expiration dates and receive reminders about expiring documents. 
  • Capability to issue purchase, sales, advance, and credit invoices.