Terra Logistics


Work time planning is a module within Terra Logistics used for creating and presenting schedules that indicate when tasks are planned or have been completed. In the system, this information can be visualized using a Gantt chart.

This information is displayed in real-time, showing the driver’s work schedule, which can be used to forecast the best and most optimal timings. Based on the visible information, one can anticipate the most suitable work hours for the driver. By establishing integrations with the transportation management system, the most up-to-date real-time information about driver work time accounting and transportation management would be visible.

Why is tracking working hours beneficial?

Time tracking in the Terra Logistics system allows monitoring the hours spent on individual tasks. This functionality helps assess the accuracy of work estimates and the efficiency of drivers. Time tracking is essential for professional service providers and companies that have their own fleet or work with carriers.

Time tracking in the transportation management system should enable employees to easily log hours against assigned tasks. While recording time, the software allows reviewing and printing time tracking reports. This feature allows monitoring the workload of team members and generating reports for clients.

How does Terra Logistics timekeeping work? ​

Using the time tracking feature in the transportation and logistics management system creates the ability to log time entries for tasks, easily monitor hours spent on tasks and projects, and generate reports. Manual time tracking allows employees to select a task and manually input the number of minutes or hours spent working on it. The Terra Logistics system also offers a mobile app feature to automatically record and log time spent on tasks. For drivers, a start/stop button is provided to initiate and conclude tasks.

Recorded time tracking allows for a much more accurate time monitoring. This method can also enhance trust among clients and stakeholders, especially when transportation costs are based on actual hours worked.

Monitoring driver work hours at a project level provides a holistic view. This can be useful for quickly assessing overall transportation progress and efficiency. This level of detail is also crucial for applying earned value management in larger projects.

This module enables the creation of various reports. Time tracking reports allow for a quick overview of tasks completed during a specific time period and the time spent on each specific task.

Advantages of working time mode ​

The time planning and tracking module is an integral part of the transportation and logistics management system, eliminating the need to search for data, transfer it, or use additional systems. This way, time can be automatically allocated to tasks.

By monitoring time, real-time reports can be generated and data can be captured for accurate task assessment. Data from the time tracking module can reveal immediate personnel and resource-related issues. The system ensures insights into the specifics of work and rest times in road transport, anticipates driver work schedules, and all of this is accomplished using a single system, accessible in real-time from any location.

Terra Logistics’ transportation and logistics system aids companies in setting transportation and delivery deadlines. This module reduces the occurrence of human errors and saves time.