Terra Logistics


Terra Logistics, the transport control management system, is a logistics solution that employs technologies to aid companies in planning, managing, and optimizing the physical movement of cargo orders. It facilitates the receipt and dispatch of cargoes, ensuring compliance with requirements and the availability of proper documentation. The system encompasses nearly all components of the supply chain management process. The transport control system allows for real-time tracking of daily transportation operations in one centralized location, handling various documents and ensuring timely delivery of cargo orders. Additionally, the transport management system streamlines the shipping process and facilitates easier management and optimization of transportation operations, regardless of the type of transport.

How it can help for order managemente?

In the Terra Logistics transport control system, order information is accessible to all relevant parties, ranging from management to drivers and clients. Here are the features that assist users in reviewing and managing transport requests:

Order Entry: Manual or automated order entry encompasses all essential data, such as filling in cargo weight, specifying current and destination locations. With the system’s help, routes can be created, vehicles and drivers assigned, ensuring transport control.

Order Overview: Created orders with assigned routes and vehicles can be viewed by order planners and drivers on their dashboard, providing them with information about planned daily tasks. All documents are automatically linked to their respective orders, enabling drivers to have them on their smartphones or tablets. When drivers update order statuses en route, management can review all schedule changes and truck locations.

What are the benefits?

The transport control and management system encompass a multitude of functions within the supply chain, impacting every part of this process, from order submission and proposal to logistics and delivery management. The extensive and deep visibility provided by the Terra Logistics system allows for more efficient transportation planning and management, as well as the ability to generate various reports. Transport control is achieved through integration with other systems, such as vehicle-mounted equipment like tracking systems and route planning systems. All information is visible in real-time within the same system, accessible from any device. By connecting all these systems, vehicle inspection is conducted, and the vehicle’s condition is visible within the system.