Terra Logistics


Terra Logistics travel management module is designed for companies that have their own drivers and vehicles, providing them the ability to create business trips for cargo deliveries or journeys along specified routes. This is particularly relevant for companies operating not only in Lithuania but also in international markets.

Travel management control is crucial for company executives, enabling them to track reports, employee and vehicle utilization.

Travel management is directly related to expense management, data input requirements, and task assignments. Adherence to established procedures and accurate data recording allows for a real-time expense overview and allocation of costs for the executed trips during the journey.

Planned trips for specific drivers within a designated timeframe are marked in the system, indicating the tasks to be performed, the destinations, and the duration. It’s also possible to assign daily allowances to each driver. This data input enables more precise work planning for drivers based on their availability. The overall driver workload is visible on a schedule, thereby minimizing errors when planning ahead.

During each trip, travel expenses are tracked and displayed in the system, allowing for the creation of invoices that include travel-related costs upon trip completion. Necessary travel documents are filled out in the system during each journey, and drivers also receive them. These documents can be sent, printed directly from the system, or viewed in a mobile application.


  • automatic trip sheet filling;
  • automatic generation of empty hauls between unloading and loading points; 
  • travel expenses analysis.