Terra Logistics

The system is web-based, so you will need a computer or other mobile device with an internet connection.

Terra Logistics is compatible with the most widely used web browsers in the world, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

Terra Logistics is designed for companies engaged in both transportation and freight forwarding activities, regardless of their size.

Terra Logistics allows for cost reduction by:

  • Enabling information input to be accessible to all system users (based on permissions), eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.
  • Providing dynamic parameters that allow companies to define specific operational criteria without relying on system developers, and utilizing that information for analysis and report generation.
  • Allowing users to generate necessary reports from the system’s data.

Terra Logistics enables increased operational efficiency by:

  • Automating order status updates and notifying customers accordingly.
  • Facilitating expense and revenue tracking and management.

It all depends on the situation within the company. If the existing system combines all the relevant company processes with its functionality, then it may not be worth it to change it, as system replacement requires a significant amount of time and the necessary financial resources. However, when there are changes in business needs and the current system cannot meet them, and the changes in the business require a fundamental overhaul of the system, then the Terra Logistics system can be beneficial due to its extensive functionality, easy adaptability, utilization of modern technical solutions, and the added value it brings.

Excel is a powerful tool that can handle complex tasks and is especially useful for smaller companies or simpler business processes. However, Excel does have some limitations:

  1. Information is not centralized in one place, and often needs to be copied, leading to potential errors and inconvenience.

  2. Managing permissions and ensuring data security can be challenging, especially when sharing or restricting access to specific data.

  3. Issues arise when multiple users need to work with the same data simultaneously, which can lead to conflicts and data inconsistency.

  4. Handling large data streams can be difficult, and Excel may experience performance issues when processing large volumes of data.

  5. Integrating with other systems and ensuring smooth data exchange between different platforms can be complex.

When implementing the Terra Logistics system in such a company where Excel has been used, there are advantages to consider. You already have a clear data structure and understanding of the necessary information for business processes. It is easier to identify and refine your company’s needs. Additionally, you can leverage Excel for reporting and analysis using the data accumulated in the Terra Logistics system, providing better visibility and deeper insights into your business operations.