Terra Logistics


Logistics companies face various challenges in their daily operations, and solving them using modern technologies allows them to achieve maximum results. The Terra Logistics transport management system will help achieve these results. Mobile applications facilitate communication with drivers and system users. The system is suitable for companies engaged in various activities and meets the needs of carriers, shippers, airlines, ships, cargo, and passenger transport companies.

The main goal of logistics is to manage a smooth supply chain, ensuring efficient transportation, timely delivery, reliability, flexibility, and quality.

The transport management system handles all logistics data in one place. When route information, transportation costs, and other data points are entered into a single logistics system, numerous data reports are generated to monitor processes that impact the company. One of the best parts of the Terra Logistics transport management system is the analysis of various logistics routes’ cost-effectiveness. The system can calculate the best route for transporting cargo, considering speed, fuel costs, and driver working hours. Integration with accounting systems improves invoicing and payments, allowing better budget management and cash flow forecasting in the company.

Logistics system management needs

  • In the daily operations of a logistics company, various logistics management challenges arise, and solving them using modern technologies allows achieving maximum results in the following areas. The Terra Logistics transport management system enables management in these areas:
  • Logistics process management – allows managing cargo movement during order and trip, if needed, transmitting information to customers or carriers.

  • Order management system – enables tracking orders, revenue generation, and expenses, planning and tracking order profitability.

  • Fleet management – allows effective utilization of the available fleet. The transport control system helps manage timely technical maintenance and perform transport operations planning.
  • Transport monitoring management – integration with tracking systems allows real-time monitoring of vehicles, potential deviations that can be technically recorded.
  • Warehouse management 3PL – enables efficient management of logistics warehouses, 3PL services, and reducing labor costs in warehousing operations.
  • Information management – allows efficient information transfer between company units or group companies, obtaining necessary information when needed.
  • Cargo management – allows controlling that all necessary tasks are completed on time, and cargoes reach customers.
  • Document management – enables managing financial flows: planning future revenues and expenses, controlling customer creditworthiness, and issuing invoices.
  • Mobile application management – allows the use of the system for task assignments and control.

Any company involved in logistics, transportation, or freight forwarding would benefit from using logistics information systems. Terra Logistics improves company efficiency, process management, streamlines logistics functions, and saves costs in various areas, from shipping and ordering to contract negotiations, driver productivity, and more. The best choice to keep up with freight transportation trends and customer needs is digital transformation. Logistics management software is the best solution to successfully manage business and increase efficiency in all logistics operations.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Why is it valuable to implement a tool?
    Implementing a tool provides various benefits, including time savings, avoiding human errors, reducing losses, and the potential to increase profits. It also allows for a more efficient use of resources, as fewer employees are needed when tasks can be performed by one person using a single system.
  • What results can be expected from using the system?
    Results are noticeable quickly as all information is consolidated, and various systems within the company are integrated into one. Order management becomes easier, and specific data can be managed in one window. Terra Logistics helps monitor vehicle movement, order fulfillment, and, if necessary, warehouse information.