Terra Logistics

The Terra Logistics transport system is created using modern information technologies and innovative solutions to enable companies to achieve maximum benefits, improve operational efficiency, and reduce operating costs. The functionalities of the system are designed to address various challenges in business operations.

The transport and expedition management system’s functionality is adaptable to companies in different industries, whether they have their own fleet or utilize carrier services, whether they are shippers or acting as both. Regardless of the business domain, the system is suitable for different types of transportation, services, and both private and public sectors. The functionality allows for easy use of the system, offering extensive possibilities to monitor and manage tasks efficiently.

The system’s functionality extends beyond the administrator zone, including a mobile application for drivers, a customer and partner zone, and a supplier zone, which facilitates receiving necessary orders, real-time information exchange, managing invoices and documents, and expediting order submissions.


  • The system’s use of classifiers helps avoid errors when entering information and facilitates finding and sorting relevant data.
  • Templates used in the system save time and make work more efficient.
  • The system’s security is ensured through event log management, granting access to information according to users’ roles and responsibilities.
  • The user interface is intuitive and easy to understand, as information input follows consistent principles.
  • Users can be assigned specific rights and access only information relevant to their roles and responsibilities.