Terra Logistics


Utilizing business management systems, there is a desire to ensure faster data processing and accurate information generation. The transportation management system, Terra Logistics, is being enhanced through the use of smart technologies and leveraging artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence assists users of the system in making quicker decisions and avoiding potential errors, selecting the best option and scenario. AI can encompass numerous business domains or sectors, as well as specific functions. In this case, a module has been developed within Terra Logistics to help users accurately calculate the most favorable transportation cost

Problem solving

Since historical data is stored in the system, and these data quantities are often quite extensive, users find it challenging to filter out the necessary information. Additionally, there are instances where providing clients with an appropriate price is required, while ensuring that the price remains profitable for the company. It can take time to review past orders, suitable routes, cargo quantities, vehicle selection, and transshipment volumes. All of these factors contribute to the final cost, which needs evaluation.

At this juncture, a developed module comes into play, designed to assist with artificial intelligence. By assessing all criteria, it presents the best price that suits both the client and the company. The system aids in determining whether a price is beneficial and will yield profit. The system operates on a recommendation principle, with the user making the final decision, which they can adjust according to their preferences.

Advantage of the system

By using the Terra Logistics transportation and management system, faster data processing is ensured, saving time, avoiding potential errors, and assisting in determining the most beneficial transportation cost. Additionally, the system reduces the training duration for new employees due to its ability to calculate a significant portion of decisions.

The system provides added value to the company, potentially resulting in not only higher profits through selecting the most advantageous transportation cost but also simplifying the proposal submission process to clients, which can be directly sent from the system.