Terra Logistics


When developing the latest modules, the goal is to merge existing knowledge and introduce newer and more sophisticated solution methods, which will provide greater added value to the system’s users.

Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly integral part of business management systems. Modern and advanced BMS encompass the latest solutions and integrations with other systems. The transportation and logistics system, Terra Logistics, combines the functionality of artificial intelligence, transport tracking, route planning, and accounting systems, ensuring that all information is visible in real-time within a single system.

The solution used in the system

The Terra Logistics supplier rating module is designed to assist with artificial intelligence in selecting the most beneficial supplier based on historical data entered into the system. By employing artificial intelligence calculations, the algorithm provides the user with a list of potential suppliers, rating them according to the most relevant criteria. This allows the user to assess potential future risks. Utilizing data previously input into the system, when encountering a specific supplier, a list of suppliers will be visible based on their suitability for the particular order.


In the transportation and logistics management system, you can monitor data of service providers/carriers such as the fleet, drivers, routes, trips, previous orders, transportation and delivery times, events, etc. Terra Logistics enables the tracking of historical data, and an artificial intelligence module that adds value ensures that reviewing these and other data takes as little time as possible, aiding in making the most suitable decision that brings the maximum benefit.